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The Big Idea

Marketing is not one-size-fits-all. It never has been, and in the foreseeable future, it never will be.
However, in the good old days, it was fairly easy to manage your marketing campaign. All it took was getting the word out on one or all of the major communication channels that people could access: TV, radio, newspapers, and billboards.
At the time, the attention funnel was not multi-diverted and you could get a wide-enough reach on a single platform.
These days, things are slightly more complicated.

When a new era of digital technology dawned, the world began its paradigm shift to a more boundless virtual space with endless sub-versions within itself—and marketing transformed in nature and scope.

Today, the digital market stands prominent as a frontier that is saturated with more opportunities, and by extension, more complexities. A fatal misconception by many a brand is that they can wing it—until they can’t. Instead, they are rocked by the quandary and the fierceness of daunting competition; which is the opposite of good for business.

The tides of uncertainty and competition aside, the dynamics of consumer behaviour in the digital space switch up sporadically.
Consequently, what worked to attract new customers to your brand or product two days ago may no longer give today because the beacon of attention has changed hands—as it will tomorrow, and the day after that.
What is the way forward?
A sound blueprint. A reliable multi-route map.

In marketing, we call it strategy and planning, which sounds a lot less dramatic but entails more than a one-time roundtable. Not only do you need effective strategy and planning for the now, you need a flexible game plan to remain relevant in the future and secure your idea, goal, and investment.

Strategy and Planning: Where We Come In

The difference between knowledge and expertise in marketing lies in the ability to convert intelligence into tangible results. High-flyers in the emulous world of business know their market, but they realize that it’s not enough to sweep the board. So, they go the extra mile by entrusting the right partner with the translation to sustainable marketing achievements.
Smplcty helps you to stay focused on other business objectives with winning marketing strategies that fortify your brand’s relevance against the test of time and trends.

We don’t operate a copy-paste approach in marketing strategy and planning. Smplcty diagnoses existing and potential challenges in inch-perfect fashion, and we forge a commensurate approach in line with our trademark BakeSense framework.

The demands of running a business are multi-faceted, and good marketing sits at the core of your success. Your million-dollar idea needs protection and nurturing for your brand or product to more than survive—to accomplish its fullest purpose in the hyper-dynamic market.

Smplcty is here to help you there.

For every businessman worth their salt, the desire to succeed trumps the fear of failure.

You have taken a bold step by launching out into a terrain where survival is for the smartest. Now, you need a plan to thrive within the confines of pertinence and be far away from oblivion. Smplcty offers you a smooth wade through the hitches and glitches of the marketplace with sound operational planning. Our crafted action plans and business goals are explicitly modifiable for future situations.

Also, our expert market surveillance and observation of trend patterns position us for the marketing foresight that shields your brand from taking a hit every time the digital space veers off a certain course.

It’s strategic insurance with excellent returns on every dime and effort you commit.

Eyes on the prize

A complete business strategy is a system of many working parts that make up the whole. With multiple micro-projects running in full swing and the infusion of other aesthetic aspects into your marketing strategy, it is quite tempting to lose focus. 

Often, the end result is an elaborate, cost-consuming, yet largely ineffective campaign. Smplcty’s overarching strategy is to stay dedicated to the essence of your campaign without compromising on the elements of allure it needs to draw people in.

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