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The Big Lane

The public is one thing; your target market is a more specific faction.
This much is true—however, seeing the bigger picture is more rewarding than you may realize. Conversion is just as viable with people outside your scope of marketing focus, and that is the power of good Public Relations (PR).

As the most popular dimension of marketing, it is common that the essence of PR gets lost in truism pretty often. In parallel, many businesses indulge in Public Relations at the point of launching into the marketplace or during the preliminaries of a new product reveal. After the initial boxes are ticked off the campaign list, they hang up the PR boots until the next season.
Works, but only barely.

The difference between such businesses and the big names that have remained at the frontlines of their industries for longer than you can count is consistent Public Relations effort.

Never gets old.

Today, the market is in its fastest lane, and your brand needs all the oxygen it can get to stay in the race. Public Relations owes its potency to its nature as the soul of marketing. Its massive scope extends to employee relations, community relations, public affairs, and lobbying—especially for new ventures and startups pushing boundaries.

In another light, Public Relations gives your brand a face that people can recall, recognize, and recommend. Brand identity is a phenomenon as old as marketing, except that recently, exciting new characters have been infused into the existing formal to semi-formal pool. Brands are now openly casual, goofy, quirky, or irreverent in their relations with their customers and prospects. This humanization of corporate and business identities is one of the best twists in the evolution of branding, and PR has since been set on a zippy new path. Staying on top of your PR game while toggling other demanding switches of running a business will get stretchy at some point; which is why Smplcty is offering you a helping hand.

Why We make all the Difference

Public opinion has its many adjectives, but to the marketer, it is the indispensable source of validation. At Smplcty, we appreciate the enormous influence of public opinion by prioritizing it for your brand to flourish. We expertly take your brand image and clothe in it the most relatable and appealing form, finely aligned with the taste of your target market.
There are no hard-and-fast rules to quality PR, but the key is to stay present and relevant. With this at our epicenter of operations, Smplcty is consistently at the frontlines, riding the waves of PR trends to ensure that our clients are never left behind. Our PR style is all-exclusive, thanks to our BakeSense framework imbued for optimum results.
With professional flexibility and adaptive swiftness, we are capable of representing your brand in whatever fresh new ways that dynamic PR demands on the go—without any inconsistencies impressioned on your brand persona or tone of voice along the way. We understand that the ultimate purpose of PR is to identify, build, and sustain mutually beneficial relationships—a feat that requires proportionate media and cultural literacy, business knowledge, critical thinking, writing, and research, to achieve.
Smplcty is aware that your brand needs to combine a well-oiled PR function with advertising and marketing for truly integrated strategic communications.

In the Spotlight, Without the Cringe

Crossing that brittle line between telling the world about your brand and being too aggressive about it can make or mar a marketing campaign.
Reactions to what you put out about your brand and product are an important determiner of the outcome. While it is easy to just keep flooding social media spaces with sponsored ads or spamming random emails, it does not give your customers the experience that will keep them around. At best, your brand becomes a market relic after recording a boom of initial success that eventually fizzles out when people find a new exciting replacement. At worst, people are inconvenienced by the spammy ads and emails, so, they block your access to them across all platforms.

None of these benefit your business in the long run, which is why at Smplcty, we don’t invest client resources in random invasive PR.

It is much more rewarding to set clear targets, propose milestones of PR efforts and map out the metrics of success in advance. For our style of execution, we don’t burden the public with word about your brand. Instead, we bring your brand to them through interactive PR that respects privacy and culture. We cater to the diversities of the marketplace by researching the right PR approach to any people and helping your brand to seamlessly conform.
Through it all, Smplcty gives precedence to your brand’s dignity, and so we conduct every PR stratagem to ensure its preservation.

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