The Irony of Live Streaming

Did you know that live-streaming content accounts for over a quarter of global viewing time? This means that 23% of the time that people spend watching videos all over the world, is spent watching live-streamed videos. Live streaming has been

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Brand consistency

How to Pull Off Brand Consistency

In our previous blog post about branding, you read all about the aspects of branding and how to effectively get started on each one. Towards the end of the blog post highlighted the need for consistency in branding, which is what today’s

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Branding and how to do it

Branding and How To Do it

“Products are made in a factory, but brands are created in the mind.” -Walter Landor (Founder, Landor) A core aspect of running a business is the perception it retains in the minds of the target market, and by extension, the

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FOMO: What Are You Missing?

You pick up your phone and open Facebook or Instagram—that’s the daily drill for 67% of the 2.9 billion active Facebook users as of April 2022 anyway. While scrolling through your feed, you come across an ad for an ongoing

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Virtual Reality

The Future of Virtual Reality

Our world is perceivable through a myriad of lenses, and depending on the purpose, every lens displays the unique reality it is designed to. Virtual reality (or VR) is a trending technological topic, and not limited to a handful of

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Exclusivity in Branding

An Apple and A Bored Ape: Exclusivity in Branding

Exclusivity is a controversial phenomenon in any context, but marketing has its fascinating dynamics which make exclusivity seem nearly indispensable. With rapidly saturating markets and ever-changing consumer expectations for new products, the need to keep consumers satisfied and coming back

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How Artificial, and What Intelligence?

“If a machine can think, it might think more intelligently than we do, and then where should we be?” – Alan Turing How Intelligent? One day in February 1997, a historic chess match ended in quite the shock. The incumbent

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Bot or Human? The Evolution of Robots

The Birth of Robot In 1921, the Anglosphere was captivated by a play that had just been translated into English. Titled R.U.R, or Rossum’s Universal Robots (Rossumovi Univerzá lní Roboti), the story by Cezch writer Karel Čapek centered around a

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