An Apple and A Bored Ape: Exclusivity in Branding

Exclusivity is a controversial phenomenon in any context, but marketing has its fascinating dynamics which make exclusivity seem nearly indispensable. With rapidly saturating markets and ever-changing consumer expectations for new products, the need to keep consumers satisfied and coming back

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How Artificial, and What Intelligence?

“If a machine can think, it might think more intelligently than we do, and then where should we be?” – Alan Turing How Intelligent? One day in February 1997, a historic chess match ended in quite the shock. The incumbent

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Bot or Human? The Evolution of Robots

The Birth of Robot In 1921, the Anglosphere was captivated by a play that had just been translated into English. Titled R.U.R, or Rossum’s Universal Robots (Rossumovi Univerzá lní Roboti), the story by Cezch writer Karel Čapek centered around a

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