Our Past Experiences

Vertical Playground

Crafting a new outlook for the brand using evocative storytelling and striking visuals to stir curiosity and intensify brand recognition.

Toshiba TV

Charting successful global market entry and product launches through innovative, product-centric campaigns that rejuvenated the brand’s image worldwide.

Furling Technology

Boosting the brand’s product awareness by launching targeted creative campaigns showcasing its practicality, ease of use, and thrilling user experience.


Infusing intriguing and relatable concepts into social media work to appeal to regional and global audiences, for overall improved perception of the brand.

Maker Faire Shanghai

Creating engaging, context-rich content to spotlight the brand, including collaboration with tech influencers and the community for record-breaking event attendance.


Promoting the institution’s MBA program by trans-creating engaging videos and showcasing alumni; while balancing the professional academic image with relatable social expressions.

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